a small update about the functionality of the peecock gen 2, specifically about the ‘play’ function. TMI about sex ahead. you’ve been warned.

pictured above are stock photos from the peecock products website because they show the product pretty well.

i’ll start off by saying i think it is bullshit that peecock products has you pay $20 extra just for the so-called ‘pleasure kit’ because it absolutely could and should come as part of the erection rod, and could easily come that way without much extra cost to the company. it’s just a way for them to make extra money. that said, i could not imagine using this product for sex without the ‘pleasure kit’ attachment. but really, it’s bullshit that we have to pay extra for it. it really is. /bitter

anyway, the peecock gen2, 5.5in worked really well for vaginal sex with a cis female person. a regular sized (trojan) condom fit over it and wasn’t too loose or too tight. the erection rod actually gives it a pretty realistic feeling. it isn’t a stiff piece of plastic, but doesn’t flop about, either. my partner said it felt really good inside her, and she was able to thoroughly enjoy herself. i do not have the peecock-specific harness; i used the rodeoH harness, which i thought worked great. we were able to use many different positions and didn’t have to stop to adjust or to re position. seamless transition from one thing to the next.

from my side of things, because of the ‘pleasure kit’ attachment rubbing on my junk, i was really able to enjoy myself during sex in a way i haven’t before. i almost came just from fucking her, which has never happened for me before. at one point, however, the ‘pleasure kit’ attachment detached from the erection rod and that made for some painful thrusting for a moment before stopping to reattach it. aside from the detachment of the ‘pleasure kit,’ it was a really wonderful experience with sex.

another thing i particularly appreciated was being able to go from foreplay straight into sex, the way one would with a cis cock. because i was wearing the peecock already, all i had to do was apply a tiny bit of lube to the erection rod, slip it into the funnel of the peecock, and we were ready to go. my partner put the condom on me and we got down to business, so to speak.

i don’t think this cock would always be my partner’s first choice for fucking simply because it isn’t very large, but it did not disappoint in the least. we had great sex and would definitely use it again.

pleasure kit + peecock gen2 5.5 inch used for sex:
8/10 would recommend.


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